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Motorcycle Licensing Information

Do you need a motorcycle license or license endorsement to ride in your state? We’ve gathered licensing information for riders. Learn about motorcycle licensing requirements for your state.

What is motorcycle licensing?

Motorcycle licensing is the process of obtaining a license, endorsement or permit to operate a motorcycle, scooter or other motorized 2-wheel or 3-wheel vehicle, as defined by the laws and regulations of each state. Most states require anyone applying for a motorcycle license to meet certain requirements.

Once a motorcycle license has been granted, depending on the state of residence, a motorcycle operator is required to carry minimum limits of motorcycle liability insurance to operate their bike on public roads, streets or highways.

Do I need a motorcycle license?

Motorcycle licenses are stand-alone certifications for operating a motorcycle, or a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled motorized vehicle, on public roads, streets and highways. Similarly, motorcycle endorsements are added to a regular driving license to authorize the same types of riding privileges as a motorcycle license.

It’s a good idea to carry the appropriate license when operating a motorcycle. You also may need motorcycle insurance to ride on public roads.

Who is Eligible for a Motorcycle License?

Riders who are age 18 or older are generally eligible for a motorcycle license or endorsement without first obtaining a permit, depending on your state of residence. However, in most states, riders under age 18 must obtain a motorcycle permit before they can apply for a motorcycle license. Riders with permits must demonstrate an appropriate skill level by operating a motorcycle for a minimum number of hours under the supervision of a licensed driver before getting a motorcycle license or endorsement.

Requirements, Rules & Fees

The requirements, rules and fees for getting a motorcycle license vary by state. In most instances, required motorcycle license exams, skills or road tests are administered by each state’s vehicle regulation bureau or department of motor vehicles.

As for moped and scooter license requirements, this depends on where you live.  Laws can vary from state to state. Some states impose minimum age limits while others impose licensing requirements based on the size of the scooter or moped engine.

Motorcycle License Information, by State of Residence

We recommend checking the motorcycle licensing requirements, and reviewing motorcycle insurance, for your state of residence. As your go-to resource for motorcycle information, we’ve gathered motorcycle licensing requirements for several states, including those listed below.

If you don’t see your state listed, visit the website for your state’s DMV, BMV, or vehicle licensing bureau or agency.

To find additional rider resources, swing by the Boundless Rider Pit-Stop.

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