FCRA Information

We use credit-based consumer information as part of pricing for insurance products and services. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), a federal law, governs how companies may use credit-based information as well as what type of notice must be provided to customers when such information is used.

We will make any required FCRA notice available to you in the package of insurance application documents you may elect to sign in the quoting process. We also include a copy of any required FCRA notice with your policy documents. This is provided as required by law and may be disregarded at your election or you may follow up on the information included with the third-party entity identified.

The FCRA notice may include your insurance score.

Our credit-based consumer information may also include a ‘soft pull’ of your credit, which should not affect your credit score.

You can find more information about the FCRA from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau here.

All credit-based information we collect we maintain according to our Privacy Policy.

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