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Texas is a great state for those who ride a motorcycle. With a Texas motorcycle license, you can enjoy riding along some of the state’s most scenic and historic routes. It all starts with getting your license to ride a motorcycle.

Getting a Motorcycle License in Texas

Wondering how to get a motorcycle license in Texas?

Getting a Texas motorcycle license is much like getting a driver’s license. You must pass certain tests and present certain documents before operating a motorcycle in Texas. Below, we have additional information about each step.

Complete the Motorcycle Safety Course

Before getting a license to ride your motorcycle, you must complete a motorcycle safety course approved by the Texas Department of Safety. This course may last as long as 10 hours. After completing it, you will receive a Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate, necessary for your license application. If you present a completion certificate from another state, you may not need to take the course in Texas. To find an approved motorcycle safety course, click here.

Applying for a Texas Motorcycle License

Present the Right Documents

In addition to meeting the requirements needed for a standard driver’s license, when applying for the motorcycle license, you will need to present additional documentation.  Your age and other factors will determine what is required.    

Minors will need to bring a Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate (either the MSB-8 or MSB-8R) and a Class C provisional license to apply for a Class M driver’s license. If the minor has completed at least 32 hours of driver’s ed, they must bring in a Driver Education form (DE-964). If they were taught by parents, minors must bring in a Parent Taught Driver Education form (PTDE-964). Minors must also present a Class C learner license and a DE-964 that helps to verify the minimum 32 hours of driver education.

Minors must also bring in a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance that has been appropriately signed or stamped. Finally, they must bring a parent who can provide the authorized signature before they can take the required skill exam.

Adults simply need to bring a completion certificate for their Motorcycle Safety Course. Keep in mind that the certificate is only valid for 24 months after it has been issued.

To learn more about specific age requirements and restrictions for riding a motorcycle in Texas, click here.

The Written Test

Applicants under 18 must complete a written skill exam as part of their license application. Adults may also be required to pass a vision and knowledge test unless they provide a certificate showing they have completed a motorcycle safety course since 2015.

The Road Test

Minors must complete a road test to get their motorcycle license. Adults may be able to waive the road test if they have already completed a motorcycle safety course and possess a current and unrestricted Texas Class A, B, or C license. Similarly, adults can waive the road test if they are transferring a valid, unrestricted motorcycle license from Canada or any other state in America. Finally, the road test may be waived if the candidate is simply applying for a motorcycle learner license.

Road Test Assessment

To complete the road test, you must bring with you a motorcycle, a car, and a licensed driver to follow you during the test. If you are under 21, you must bring and wear a motorcycle helmet.

During the test, a driver follows you in their car. An exam administrator will assess how well you have learned how to ride a motorcycle and how to obey the various rules of the road before assigning a passing or failing grade. Unless the requirement was waived, applicants must pass the road test to obtain their motorcycle license.

Get Your Texas Motorcycle License

After completing the steps above, purchase your Texas motorcycle license. Depending on various factors, you may need to pay between $8 and $33 dollars.

Texas Motorcycle Insurance

You must obtain motorcycle insurance to ride a motorcycle in Texas. The minimum liability insurance required by law in Texas is as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance per person: $30,000
  • Bodily injury liability insurance per accident: $60,000
  • Property damage liability insurance: $25,000

These are the same minimum liability insurance requirements for driving a car in the state of Texas. Learn more by visiting Texas Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Motorcycle & Powersport Insurance for Riders Only

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