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Get rider-focused powersport and motorcycle insurance information for motorcycles, powersport off-road vehicles and e-bikes from Boundless Rider. 

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Motorcycle & Powersport Insurance.

At Boundless Rider, our team includes insurance experts who understand the needs of riders. Many are riders themselves.

We are developing motorcycle & powersport insurance programs just for riders. If you are an insurance agency, powersport / motorcycle dealer or manufacturer, we’d like to connect with you to discuss our partner program.

What is Motorcycle & Powersport Insurance?

Motorcycle & Powersport insurance is a type of financial protection designed to cover losses and liability from accidents and other incidents. Owners of motorcycles, off-road vehicles and other types of powersport vehicles can benefit from this type of insurance coverage.

Although similar to automobile insurance, motorcycles are not always covered in the same way. Depending on your state and the insurance company you select, insurance policies can include liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), rider and passenger med pay, medical payments coverage for pedestrians, collision and comprehensive coverage, and additional coverage for roadside assistance, towing, trip interruption, accessories and customization. Some companies even offer motorcycle-specific benefits such as lay-up savings and coverage for rider safety apparel, helmets and trailers.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Most states require motorcycle owners and operators who ride on public roads to not only have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement but also carry a minimum amount of motorcycle liability insurance coverage. Additional  coverage, such as theft of or physical damage to a bike, are usually offered alongside liability coverage as an option. If you are not familiar with different coverages, buying insurance right for you can feel overwhelming. An insurance agent or company in your state can answer insurance  questions and explain the available options and costs.

Cost of Motorcycle / Powersport Insurance

Not all Companies Offer the Same Types of Coverage and Discounts.

The cost of a motorcycle insurance or powersport insurance policy can vary widely, depending on many factors. These include age, driving record and training. Not all companies offer the same levels of protection for different riders, or the same discounts. Deciding which insurance policy to buy can involve an apples-to-oranges comparison of insurance quotes. Getting help from an experienced insurance professional can ensure that you get a policy which fits your needs and riding habits and keeps more money in your wallet!

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Motorcycle & Powersport Insurance Experts.

At Boundless Rider, we get you. Our team includes insurance experts who understand the needs of riders. Many are riders themselves.

We are developing motorcycle & powersport insurance programs for freedom-loving, value and safety-conscious riders … to fit your lifestyle, riding habits and budget. For information about our insurance programs, feel free to contact us.