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Get access to motorcycle and powersport rider education and training resources from Boundless Rider, including a complete list of motorcycle rider training and safety courses, by state.

Motorcycle Training Courses By State

To ride a motorcycle legally in the United States requires an operator’s license. In every state, there are motorcycle laws and procedures that need to be followed to ride legally and safely. A motorcycle license can be obtained in most states by obtaining a learners permit and passing a skills test. The price to obtain a motorcycle license can range from $25-$300, depending on the state’s licensing fees. Find out more about obtaining a motorcycle license.

However, a motorcycle license can also be obtained by passing a basic motorcycle safety training course. Depending on the state, the course can be free or cost upwards of $300.  In these classes, certified instructors will teach the proper riding procedures, techniques and safety methods to operate a motorcycle safely. 

In addition to  basic riding skills courses, some of these facilities also offer advanced riding skills training.  Advanced motorcycle skills training is not needed in order to obtain a motorcycle license.  Below is a comprehensive list of motorcycle safety courses by state:

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