Riding in Fall

Riding a Motorcycle or Powersport Vehicle In Fall Weather

Riding a motorcycle or powersport vehicle in fall weather can be the best time to ride but does require cautious riding.

Spectacular Rides in Fall Weather

Some say that riding in the fall is the best time to ride since the weather can be just perfect. Nice cool air keeps the engine running mint. The scenery can be spectacular as the leaves are changing and reds, oranges and yellows are everywhere. It is also a time to ride very cautiously. Those same beautiful colors on the ground pose a dangerous threat. Leaves, especially wet leaves, may be as slippery as ice. Homeowners tend to blow leaves to big piles on the curb and wind can take them and blow them all over the street. Not only are leaves dangerous, but sticks and gravel seem to travel with them in yard clean up. These can be like riding on marbles. Here’s some fall riding tips for you to keep in mind for a safe and enjoyable ride:

  • Dress in layers, you can always shed layers if the day gets warmer (A backpack works great for storage if space is limited on the vehicle itself)
  • Wear gloves and boots as the cooler temperatures will affect those areas the quickest.
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated and that there is  proper tread.  Riding with bald tires in any season is dangerous. 
  • Fall weather tends to create dew in the morning. Be aware of the slick surface.
  • Cooler weather affects oil viscosity and general start up. Let your vehicle warm up before taking off.  This is necessary for electric vehicles.
  • Roads that seem to dip near the curb, ride closer to the center to avoid leaf piles.
  • Always avoid grass clippings, leaves, bundles of sticks, gravel and broken tree branches.
  • With daylight hours being shorter, make sure all lighting is in proper working order. Riding at night with leaves on the road is especially dangerous, avoid it whenever possible.
  • If you notice any funny noises coming from your motorcycle, pull over and check if sticks or leaves have gotten caught in your wheels or hung up on something.
  • It’s good practice to check over your bike before taking  a trip to see if sticks or leaves are caught anywhere.
  • Never park  on a pile of leaves as a hot exhaust system can ignite the leaves and cause a fire. This is true for cars too.

Enjoy the scenery but stay alert and keep safe. 

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