Rider Gift Ideas

For People Who Love to Ride

Great gift ideas for people who love to ride motorcycles and other powersport vehicles.

Great Gift Ideas For People Who Love to Ride

The holiday season is always stressful when it comes to finding gifts for your loved ones. You want to be creative and thoughtful with the perfect gift, but it’s hard to always get it right. Maybe your someone special loves to ride a motorcycle or ATV, and if so, here’s your chance to get it right! Here are some great holiday gift ideas for people who love to ride:

  • Personalized Ornament – A big trend this holiday season is customizing a motorcycle Christmas ornament with characteristics of a loved one or having their name written or etched into the ornament. These make great gifts especially because the motorcycle community does not have many options when it comes to ornaments. 
  • Motorcycle Riding Gear – Helmets, gloves, eyewear, footwear, vests, leathers, riding boots/shoes, armor, protective pants and jackets are always great options for people who love to ride. Make sure you get their sizes and follow the sizing guides by the manufacturers.  They all seem to fit slightly differently.
  • Gift Cards to Local Dealerships/Shops – Gift cards are just like money. You can’t make a mistake if you leave the selection up to the person receiving the gift and you are supporting local businesses too. At the same time you support local businesses. 
  • Book An Experience – You may know that a family member is going on vacation somewhere that could be a great place to ride. Rather than giving a physical gift, book them an experience like renting a motorcycle or a guided tour through a mountain range.  You’d be surprised with the amazing motorcycle experiences that exist out there (like riding in the Himalayas).
  • Gas Card – With the rise of the cost of gas, a gas card will always be appreciated by a rider.
  • Electronic Picture Frame – Who doesn’t love looking at themselves and family? An electronic picture frame displaying all the great pictures from rides and destinations is a great gift for anyone.
  • Motorcycle Art – There are tons of prints, sculptures and light up signs dedicated to the motorcycle community.  
  • Motorcycle Parts – Who wouldn’t love a new exhaust or a carbon fiber tank cover? Parts are great gifts, but you have to be very careful with fitment and options.  Make sure to try and sneak a conversation with the loved one about their preferences and options.
  • Tools – Flashlights, wrenches, bits, and specialized tools are always welcomed to a DIY style rider.  Not everyone wrenches on their bike, but emergency tools in a pinch can save a lot of money. 
  • Apparel – Motorcycle fashion is always changing. Try and keep up with the latest apparel from your loved ones favorite brands!
  • Cell Phone Holder – In today’s world of GPS and riding apps, a cell phone handlebar mount is always helpful.
  • Pet Accessories – Be one of those people who dresses your dog like a biker – it’s cute!
  • Cleaning Accessories – A motorcycle, ATV/UTV always need to be cleaned. Vacuums, cleaning products, brushes and wipes make great gifts for people who love a clean ride.
  • Action Cameras – Create great videos with an action camera like a GoPro Hero. You can document your fantastic rides and destinations with ease using a helmet or vehicle mounted camera.
  • Motorcycle Safety Course Gift Card – For those who live in areas where a motorcycle safety course isn’t free, you can always give a gift card to offset the cost of these great classes.
  • Riding App Premium Subscription – For premium app content, some apps require a paid subscription. This is a great gift for those who love tech and riding as well as staying connected to the riding community.

These are just a few suggestions to help with the holiday season. Make a stressful time a little more relaxing with a great gift for someone who loves to ride!

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