Motorcycle Rides

Check out these awesome motorcycle rides!

Motorcycle ride ideas for beginners, weekenders and expert riders.

Across the U.S., there are an almost unlimited number of great motorcycle rides for bikers to enjoy. From short to long motorcycle rides, beginner to expert rider level, there is nothing more enjoyable than finding a great place to ride your motorcycle.

Twisted Sisters – Texas

Twisted Sisters is the ride for you if you like tight curves and climbing hills. It is a 100-mile loop that follows through canyons and up steep hills. It is recommended to fill up before heading out as there are limited gas stations along the way. In one section alone there are 65 curves with little to no guard rail. Exercise caution and beginners beware!

The Tail of the Dragon – Tennessee / North Carolina

The Tail of the Dragon / Deals Gap is a renowned road for motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts. US 129 is located near the Great Smoky Mountains and Cherokee National Forest.  What makes this road special is the 318 turns in only 11 miles of road. The tight corners and quick elevation will put any rider on their toes. Be very cautious on this road, there is a history of accidents and falls. There’s even a tree filled with motorcycle parts known as the Tree of Shame. Since the ride is not a loop, you may have to do it twice to get back to where you started!

Black Hills Route – South Dakota

The Black Hills South Dakota is famous for motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only is it near the largest motorcycle rally in the world (Sturgis), but it is famous for Mount Rushmore as well. The roads are curvy and have great views. The elevation offers many scenic overlooks. Even though you may never be able to go the speed limit while taking in the views, one should always exercise caution!

Florida Keys Scenic Highway – Florida

If you like beautiful ocean scenery, island hopping and seafood, the Florida Keys Scenic Highway is for you!  The route starts at Miami and goes all the way down to Key West.  Along the way the highway passes through 43 islands with beautiful beaches. You can even see a sea turtle or dolphin along the way.  Some historic places like the old 7 Mile bridge and Fort Zachary Taylor are located on the route as well. Bars and Cuban food are in no shortage in the Keys. Hog Heaven is a well known biker destination. You can’t ride all the way to Key West without stopping at the Southernmost Point in the US marker!

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