E-Bikes, E-Motorcycles

On-Road & Off-Road. Electric Rides.

E-Motorcycles and e-bikes are becoming more popular with riders, given the rising cost of gas. Availability is ramping up at bike shops and motorcycle dealers, with many options to choose from.

What is an E-Motorcycle?

E-Motorcycles are electric motorcycles designed for on-road and off-road use. They have the street legal components of a standard motorcycle and are offered in cruiser and sport configurations. Instead of a traditional gasoline engine, they are powered by electric motors and powerful batteries.

Most e-motorcycles boost instantaneous power and speed and are even used for competition racing due to the instant acceleration. An e-motorcycle’s power ranges from 35kw to 350kw. Most states require a motorcycle license to operate e-motorcycles.

Just like the emerging electric car market, most traditional manufacturers are making e-motorcycles. Examples of manufacturers that make e-motorcycles are Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Zero, Triumph, Yamaha, Brammo, Sondors, Ernergica, Kawasaki, Damon and Lightning. 

What is an E-Bike?

E-bikes are electric bicycles designed for both on-road and off-road use.  Depending on the make and regulations in the state, an e-bike may have street legal components such as lighting and a horn, but regulated to a certain speed or power output. Like mopeds, e-bikes have pedals as well.

Electric bikes are broken up into three classes. Power ratings can range from 200w to 750w. Class one e-bikes have electric motors that are limited to 20mph with pedal assist. Class two e-bikes have electric motors as well but can achieve up to 20mph without pedal assist. Class three e-bikes electric motors can achieve up to 28mph with pedal assist.  Examples of manufacturers that make e-bikes are Harley-Davidson, Ancheer, Ecotric, Velowave, Nakto, Schwinn, Swagtron, Aventon, Rad Power, Benelli, and KTM. 

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