Insurance In Winter

It is important to maintain an active motorcycle insurance policy year-round. 

Why You Should Keep Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy Active During Winter Months

As it gets colder and the days grow shorter, many motorcycle enthusiasts may be tempted to let their insurance policies lapse or cancel during the winter months. However, having an active motorcycle insurance policy year-round is a crucial aspect of being a responsible motorcycle owner. Keeping your motorcycle insurance active during winter is essential for both financial security and peace of mind.

Unforeseen Events: While your motorcycle may be tucked away safely in the garage during the winter, it’s important to remember that accidents can still happen. A falling object, a fire, or theft, or injury can occur when you least expect it. If your bike is in a shed or storage shelter on property, you may not even notice if something has happened to it. By keeping your insurance active, you ensure that you’re covered for any unforeseen events, providing you with the financial protection you need. Remember homeowner insurance will not cover any automobiles/motorcycles. An uninsured vehicle stored in a garage or shed will most likely be denied for any sort of claim.   

Legal Requirements: In many states, having motorcycle insurance is required or you need to turn your license plate in while inactive.  Meaning if the vehicle is registered, insurance must be maintained.  Even if you don’t plan on riding during the winter months, allowing your insurance to lapse could lead to penalties/fines or even the suspension of your license. By maintaining an active policy, you remain in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Discounts: Many insurance providers offer discounts to policyholders who maintain continuous coverage without any lapses. By canceling your motorcycle insurance for the winter, you may lose these valuable discounts, resulting in higher premiums when you reinstate coverage in the spring/warm weather. Keeping your policy active ensures that you don’t lose any of these discounts or policy perks

Theft and Vandalism: Winter is a time when thieves may target motorcycles that are left unattended for extended periods. Additionally, vandalism can occur even in seemingly secure locations. With an active insurance policy with comprehensive coverage, you’re covered in the unfortunate event that your motorcycle is stolen or vandalized, providing you with the financial support needed to recover or replace your baby.

Lienholder Requirements:  In many cases, when the vehicle is being financed, the finance company requires continuous coverage throughout the term of the loan.  Failure to maintain coverage, may cause the lienholder to charge you for insurance supplied by them, allowing them to protect their financial interest in the vehicle 

Unplanned Rides: It’s freezing cold, the last thing on your mind is riding. Then there may be a sudden warm spell or a pressing need to use your motorcycle. By keeping your insurance active, you’re always ready to hit the road, without the hassle of reactivating a lapsed policy. Riding without insurance is unsafe and illegal. 

It may be tempting to cancel your motorcycle insurance during the winter months to save some money. Doing so can have significant consequences. Maintaining an active policy ensures that you’re protected against unforeseen events, compliant with legal and lienholder requirements, and eligible for continuous coverage discounts. If you have questions on how to save during off-season month, while still keeping your policy active, contact your agent to help advise you or reach out to us at Boundless and we will be happy to assist you whether you are insured with us or not. 

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